Baby Swings


1-3 Days $ 25

1 Week $ 35

2 Weeks $ 45

1 Month $ 60

3 Months $ 70

6 Months $ 95


  • Better for Baby Soothes – Soothing music and alternate swinging motions help calm baby and promotes a sense of security.
  • Plush fabrics enhance baby’s sense of security by providing comfort.
  • Seeing baby’s own image in the mirror encourages self-recognition, enhancing emotional development. Engages
  • Seeing baby’s own reflection and other objects in mirrored globe stimulates baby’s visual sense.
  • Rich fabrics and textures stimulate baby’s tactile sense.
  • Watching and anticipating motion of birdies fosters overhead visual tracking skills.
  • Listening to nature sounds as well as musical selections strengthens auditory skills. Better for Mom
  • Choice of three positions in one swing—variety for baby and convenience when you want baby facing you!
  • Easy to convert from one position to another.
  • Folds for storage and portability.
  • Plug-in option saves money on batteries

What a plush place for your little bunny to snuggle into! The softest of fabrics surround baby as she gazes at herself in the mirror on the motorized mobile and watches birdie friends fly by. A variety of music and motion soothes and engages her, along with a little plush bunny friend to keep her company.

Developmental Guidelines: Use from birth until child becomes active and may be able to climb out of the product.

All baby swings meet Australian standards. Full sized and compact swings area available. Specific brands and types available will be confirmed with order.

If you have any questions about this product, please call Amanda at Bubs2Bratz Nursery Hire on 07 47284323.

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1-3 Days, 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months


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